For Aava, the choice of materials – wood, porcelain, steel or stone – is the pivotal first step. It is the choice of material that lends a product its final quality. Weight, texture, resilience and malleability – each evokes a feeling – the sensation of lightness, warmth, permanence or fluidity.

Our steel flatware, for instance, is forged from high-grade Finnish stainless steel. Our inspiration began with the beloved Puukko – a traditional Finnish knife with a thick, round handle of curly birch and a blade with a straight spine and a wide, curved edge. We chose Finnish stainless steel not only because it holds its edge twice as long as other steel – but for its artistic merits – the refraction of light on its surface and the fine satiny sheen of its finish.

It is in materials like these that Aava finds its inspiration. This is where we begin