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Whether you’re serving soup and salad or sandwich, or some other combination of soup and a side, Aava’s Soup & Plate Set lets you present your meal in elegant style. Inspired by the way a rain drop can splash up higher on one side, yet still maintain its symmetrical shape, the soup bowl and the plate both rise slightly higher on one side, giving you the illusion of contained fluidity in a minimalist design.

Whether you’re setting a quiet table for two or a dinner party for twelve, the Soup & Plate Set gives you options on what can be served to your guests. Soup is comfort food for the long, dark evenings when something hot warms your entire being. Stews, chowders, broths, and cream bases—anything can be made into a soup that is both delectable and satisfyingly filling. Yet soup isn’t only for winter evenings. Summer lends itself very well to chilled soups that can quench your desire for lighter fare during the afternoon’s heat. Whatever the season, soup is always a welcome dish.

Aava’s Soup & Plate Set lets you capture the comfort of soup and pair it with something on the side. Or perhaps you choose to use the Soup & Plate Set to serve an appetizer with a side of dipping sauce. Easily and elegantly accomplished with the Soup & Plate Set.

Whatever is on your menu, Aava’s Soup & Plate Set lets you serve with style and a functionality that is as whimsical as it is practical.


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