Aava – Matching Mug & Plate Set


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Whether you’re serving tea and biscuits or coffee and donuts, or any other combination of a hot beverage and a side, Aava’s Matching Mug & Plate Set let’s you serve in style. Inspired by the natural symmetry of rain running off of log or a thatched roof, the Matching Mug & Plate Set is a minimalist design that rises slightly higher on one end, giving you the illusion of rain flowing downstream.

If you’re setting a quiet table for two or a tea party for ten, the Matching Mug & Plate Set gives you plenty of choices in what to serve your guests. Imagine hot chocolate and cookies in the winter, or spiced mulled apple cider and pumpkin roll in the fall. You can even serve cold drinks liked iced coffee with a coffee cake on the side in the summer when the temperatures are warmer. The possibilities are as endless as the coming and going of the seasons. Express yourself with something unique and exquisite using your Matching Mug & Plate Set.

Capture the comfort of a beverage with something sweet on the side. Who doesn’t love to gather together over a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun to catch up with dear friends? You can do this easily and elegantly with the Matching Mug & Plate Set.


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