Aava – Ellipse Wooden Serving Platter, 2 Cups


Minimalism & wood come together to create the perfect serving tray. Wooden board with 2 cups – perfect for serving sauces and main course.


Product Description

The Ellipse Wooden Serving Platter is the perfect combination of minimalist design using nature to inspire and inform. Think of the beauty of raindrops or water rushing over the falls and other ellipses that occur naturally, and you can imagine the vision behind the creation of the Ellipse Wooden Serving Platter.

The Ellipse Wooden Serving Platter is designed to entertain and enliven any gathering. Serve the main course and accompanying sauces in a style that marries wood with porcelain. The cups are of some of the highest grade porcelain available, kaolin-fired at 2400 degrees Fahrenheit to produce the perfect composition and strength of porcelain. The minimalist design of the two 3.4oz porcelain cups nestle safely and securely in a thick wood board to create a functional serving platter that displays the best in Scandinavian design.

Every fine dining experience is enhanced by the beauty and functionality of the Ellipse Wooden Serving Platter.