Aava – Droplet Tea Light Holders


Aava design collection is inspired by Nordic nature and functional and unique aesthetics of Scandinavian culture.


Product Description

If you gravitate to minimalist design, you’ll definitely love the Droplet Tea Light Holders. A droplet of dew or a single rain drop inspires the simple, sinuous curves that nestle together to make a symmetric design, a yin and yang that makes a statement about your individual style. Or singularly, the Droplet Tea Light Holders are an expression of nature-inspired simplicity that forms a home well appointed with the finest accessories.

The Droplet Tea Light Holders are powered by tea light candles to offer a warm glow to illuminate any setting in your home. Create a unique pattern with several Droplet Tea Light Holders to showcase on your dining table or separately in different rooms in your home, the Droplet Tea Light Holders accentuate your decor with warmth and light that comforts all. Scandinavian design insists that every resource used be committed to a functional means in addition to providing a minimalist ascetic, and the Droplet Tea Light Holders are the epitome of that simple design paired with functionality. They provide you with precious light and austere ambiance that speak to your desire for a unique and moderate flair to home accents.

Avaa is committed to providing only the best in Scandinavian design. Each product showcases expert touches that eclipse any other home furnishings. The Droplet Tea Light is only one of Aava’s expansive collection of accents for your home that are exquisitely designed for your gratification.


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