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How to Buy Flatware the Smart Way

When the time comes to refresh the selection of your flatware, you’ll be presented with such an abundance of options that making a choice will be very hard, let alone making a good one. But it’s always better to have many options than not have any, right, and with a little common sense and a tip or two, buying flatware shouldn’t be a time consuming or difficult task. Also, it should end up with your being very satisfied with your choice.

The first thing you need to have in mind is what you’re buying the flatware for. Are you buying it for your home? In that case, it would be best to look around in specialized stores, or general home equipment stores. If you’re planning to open a restaurant, however, you might want to find a manufacturer or supplier you can contact directly, and negotiate a better deal for bulk orders. If you’re planning to open a very upscale restaurant, then maybe getting in contact with a high-end designer that works with flatware and getting it custom made might be a good option.

Next thing to consider is the budget. You should always buy the best flatware you can afford, so if your budget is tight, generic 18/0 stainless steel will probably be the best choice. Stainless steel is always a good choice because it’s generally durable, and it can be used for both formal and informal occasion. Thinking about spending a bit more? Generic 18/8 or 18/10 is the next step. These numbers are in direct correlation with the quality of the steel, and 18/10 is better than 18/0 because it is more durable and harder to get stained or rusted. If you want to go all out, silverware is the next option, although it tends to be used mostly for formal occasions, or you can look into designer sets. High end designers’ sets, like the ones produced by the Finish company Aava, usually present extremely good quality and top of the line design.

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And speaking of design, what kind of flatware should you buy? Do you want modern, minimalist flatware? Or classic and timeless? How about highly decorative? Ideally, you would want to pair the flatware you buy with the design of the dishware you have, and that includes both the design and the shape.

Round dishes call for rounded utensils. Angular dishes call for angular utensils. Simple dishes with no ornaments or motifs work best with minimalist flatware, classic dishes go with classic flatware, and ornamental goes with ornamental.

You might also want to look into different kinds of finishes. Some of the choices you will have are mirrored finishes, where you can see your reflection in the flatware, bright or matte. This mostly depends on your personal taste, as does the weight and feeling of the flatware, so yes, you will have to get it out of the box and hold a few pieces. It is important that it feels good to you while you’re going through the motions the flatware is designed for, so don’t be afraid to give it a try before buying, especially if you’re spending more than a bit of money on it.

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