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5 Reasons Tealights Are Great Decoration for a Table

Image Credit: m01229, Creative Commons
Image Credit: m01229, Creative Commons

When it comes to decorating a dinner table, it would seem that there’s very little room to be creative in everyday life. Wedding table decorations tend to be extravagant, but at your home or in a restaurant, it always boils down to a couple of choices.

Perhaps you’ll have the small vase with a flower for a touch of romance. Or a big old candlestick, always a tad risky on a smaller table; it’s easy to knock down. For a bit of formal flair, you’ve got the centerpiece. Then you have the humble tealight, which despite a few shortcomings offers great decorative value. Here are our top five reasons to invest in a few:

  1. Tealights are romantic.

Well, they have to be, because they are basically short candles contained in small metal or plastic cups that prevent the wax they’re made of from dripping around, allowing them to be small and burn for a couple of hours. In a situation where a light is dimmed, a tealight or two will provide plenty of atmosphere in a very discreet way. For even more atmosphere, and more light, it is possible to get tealights with clear plastic cups that let even more light through.

  1. They are inexpensive.

The real expense associated with tealights might come from the holders that can be used for them. But even they don’t have to be expensive, and usually aren’t unless you’re going for high-end decorative holders like Aava’s. Tealights themselves cost next to nothing, and because they don’t drip and have flat bottoms, you don’t have to use a holder with them at all.

  1. But if you do want to use holders, you’ll have plenty of choice.

The choice of tealight holders is incredible. You can easily find a holder for any occasion and any price in any style. If you want marvels of design, you can get them. If you want cheap and pretty, you have those as well.

  1. They are useful.

They have a use that is not purely decorative. Tealights can be used to heat things up or keep them warm. It’s possible to find teapot sets designed to be used with tealights.

  1. They can be used with a table of any size.

Tealights don’t take up much space at a table, so they work well with tables of all sizes. They don’t cost much either. The sight of a large table lit by the glow of a dozen tealights is always worth the effort.

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